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Welcome .... it’s time to relax !

Iö sun Jolanda

... I sun brauia y ligra de ester nasciüda danter i bi crëps dla Val Badia. Sciöche düc chi che vir te chësta valada straordinara, é le Ladin mi lingaz dla uma. Ester pert de na mendranza de lingaz é n onur mo ince na fortüna. Chësc propi por le fat che bele tles elementares imparon plü lingac, ci che é aldedaincö n debojëgn por avëi na vijiun plü ampla.

Mi percurs olistich á metü man dl 1997, danter cursc desvalis de massaja, reflessologia, linfodrenaja fina a rové ala gran filosofia ayurvedica ...

L’inom "Momënc de pesc" é ince ci che iö ó ti trasmëte ales porsones che vëgn te mi stüde: la pesc de düc i sënsc, che an ciafa sce an se la spazirëia danter mies munts. ....
.. Canche i gnëis da üsc ite, odarëise che le stüde é pice y da sté saurí. I ves sintiarëis sciöche a ciasa.
I 5 elemënc y i 7 chakras sössot ves acompagnará te chësc iade de bëgnester porí... Danter i produc desvalis ciafarëise ince na crema por le müs "sënza tëmp", che é gnüda realisada deplëgn da me. Na crema arjignada cun na basa de plantes locales y öri essenziai, che vá bun por vigni sort de pel.
"La pesc vëgn da daite ... no la chirí defora." (Buddha) I ves aspeti !

I introduce myself !

.... I'm Jolanda and I was born in Alto Adige, precisely in Corvara in Badia in the heart of the Dolomites.
In my early twenties I approached a spiritual discipline called Reiki. With deepening and immersion in this practice, I learned the importance of the energy present in each of us and the possible activation techniques of the same, in order to facilitate and increase the energetic and vital passage through one's system, at each level. Reiki doesn't need any special requirements, everyone can acquire it, because it is energy and we are energy.
And so, one step after another, one year after another, my holistic journey began.
I soon met foot reflexology, a technique that in terms of the final results obtained, surprised me positively and deeply in various execution sessions. Another type of massage that gave me countless satisfactions on a personal level and which remains, in fact, one of the most requested treatments ever, is lymphatic drainage.
At this point in my career I needed to obtain a diploma that accredited my professionalism in this sector. The school I attended gave me the opportunity to update and deepen, learn theory and technique and make it a 'personal' practice, as each operator trained in the Academy becomes a 'Unique' operator, each with their own authentic approach. There was, later, a short break from studying, but it didn't last long. I had long heard of the world of "Ayurveda", an area with very ancient roots and rich in vast knowledge, I was fascinated and attracted to it at the same time, although I had not yet 'dared' to enter its bowels. I felt my head was too full of information.
And so, without wanting to, I found myself in India getting to know this great philosophy: Ayurveda. Thus it was that a series of new doors opened in my world. Doors that I am still opening today, giving me the opportunity to cross new accesses, still unexplored for me. Passion, curiosity and awareness lead me not to stop and to progress along this path. In 2011 I opened my Momenc de pesc massage center which literally translated from Ladin, my mother tongue, would mean Moments of Peace.
It is precisely these moments of peace and relaxation that I would like to convey to people so that they reach a state of well-being, to help them switch off, put the continuous inner dialogue to sleep, the thoughts that incessantly crowd the mind and give them a real moment of mental and physical health. In 2021 I felt a powerful call coming from a special land: Mother Sardinia. I answered the call by deciding to follow up on that loud call and moved on. I immediately had the confirmation that it was a land that stands out, a land rich in an ancestral natural, artistic and cultural heritage, a mysterious and fascinating place. In my transfer I brought with me my precious creature, or my Momenc de pesc, with the aim of continuing to exercise my holistic practice.

In the meantime, in 2023, I received an interesting proposal on the shores of Lake Garda which I decided to accept in order not to give up a new experience and opportunity for both work and personal growth; in fact I found a beautiful environment that welcomed me in the best possible way to carry out my work. And so Momenc de pesc has arrived as far as Garda where I will carry out my job, which I love so much, throughout 2023

"Peace comes from within, ... dont look for it outside" (Buddha) I wait for you !

100% certified Bío products

One of the things I care about most is being able to make people understand the importance a product has in its entirety and in its natural components to give a result ... “WAW” !

I only receive women.
I ask you to always arrive on time, otherwise your treatment will be shorter and the value of the session will remain unchanged. Always come on an empty stomach, you can eat a light meal at least 2 hours before treatment.
Before coming to me DO NOT go to the hairdresser.

Wellness packages



Day 1: Scrub with massage to prepare the skin
Day 2:Aroma massage



Day 1: Anti-stress massage
Day 2: Specific face massage
Day 3: Hot Stone and Crystals



Day 1: Udara flat and toned abdomen
Day 2: Draining ritual



Day 1: Foot reflexology
Day 2: Art Reum Joint massage