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When i started my first ayurveda course i thought „I will never learn it, it is too immense and complicated“
After a few years I thought: "Maybe something I learned", and I was also proud.

In the end, however, i changed my mind and realized that i will never finish learning and understanding what the indian Sages handed down 5000 years ago and is still used today in surgical field.

Ayur-veda means "science of life"

It Prevents the diseaseses and keeps the body healthy. The principle is to maintain the greeting in being nourished by one's own body both within the food and outside with the oils by massaging, pacifying the mind, and being happy. Health merges with the deep connection between body and mind.
Only in this way the body is in balance and in harmony with its own Being. Ayurveda states that man is unique and unrepeatable.
Massages are obtained with Ayurvedic oils. They are very oily but they are pleasant. The smell, at times is a little strong and can be a nuisance. For this reason you can alternatively use another oil of your chaice, sesame or coconut for example.

I propose the following ayurvedic massages:


This massage is performed with the feet. With the help of the ropes attached to the ceiling you keep yourself from slipping. In India the warriors carried out the Kalari to give energy and have more strength. Through the strength of the feet the pressure is stronger and wider and the feeling is very strong. The massage starts from sitting. Head and face are worked first and then it starts with the body on a futon on the floor. Shower follows.

50 minutes

€ 80,00


It is a massage that starts from the head, face and body. The fact of working the head from lying down already leads to a state of well-being and peace! We are always thinking about work, problems and the moment you free your mind from all of this makes you alredy feel good. It is a relaxing and rejuvenating massage because it helps us to let go. Steam bath follows.

50 minutes

€ 65,00

+ steam bath 80 minutes

€ 96,00

long 110 minutes

€ 120,00


In this massage the drainage of liquids is helped through various manual skills that are slow and decisive. It starts in a prone position with pumping and brushing. It ends with the face. It is a massage that reactivates the lymphatic circulation eliminating anxiety and stress. Steam bath follows.


It is a massage that starts from the supine with some breathing to unblock the diaphragm. The joints are unlocked with simple and non-invasive manual skills. Body-head massage is performed. Toxins are prone to settle in the joints where they are "fine". Through the DETOX we manage to dissolve a part of it. Steam bath follows.


Marmas are vital points in our body. They are the world. In India the wisdom of Marma points is handed down from parent to child and is hardly taught to us westerners. They are very jealous about it. But someone has found them, and I learned how to perform this ritual with a wooden stick, putting pressure on them and activating the energy of these vital energy points. It is very deep and sometimes a little painful but very effective. Cream is used.

50 minutes

€ 70,00


How can I explain this … It ist he absolute „King of Treatments“. It pacifies the mind, relaxes the body, relieves headaches; the entire face-jaw area is relaxed. The treatment begins with a massage from head to toe to prepare the body for treatment. The flow of warm oil on the forehead is continuous and lasts 15-20 minutes. Well-being is complete relaxation and detachment from present thoughts. A shower and hair wash follows.

PINDA SVEDA warm bundles

It is a treatment that begins with a holing of the body with warm oil. The warm bundles, dry, with oil or milk based on the needs of the treatment, are buffered on the body with friction, pressure, and kneading. It is indicated for edema, fluid retention, anti-cellulite, contractures, pains and also for inflammations. A shower follows.

50 minutes

€ 70,00

SVEDANA = steam bath

The main purpose is to dilate the channels of the body, so as to eliminate toxins from the tissues. The supply of heat to the cells increases metabolism, vasodilation, capillary pressure and the removal of fluids. The simultaneous action of steam and heat, helps blood and lymphatic circulation, dissolves toxins and metabolic waste, favoring their expulsion through sweating. It helps the skin to free itself from impurities, making it luminous and elastic.

Wellness packages


€ 169,00


Day 1: Scrub con massaggio per preparare la pelle (50 minutes)
Day 2: Aroma massaggio (80 minutes)


€ 230,00


Day 1: Massaggio antistress (50 minutes)
Day 2: Massaggio viso specifico (50 minutes)
Day 3: Hot Stone e Cristalli (80 minutes)


€ 195,00


Day 1: Udara addome piatto e tonico (50 minutes)
Day 2: Rituale drenante (110 minutes)


€ 160,00


Day 1: Riflessologia plantare (50 minutes)
Day 2: Art Reum Massaggio articolare (50 minutes)