Ayurvedic massages

The ayurvedic massage is enveloping, cheering up, restructuring; it gives force and energy, helps to recover the vital functions, relaxes and rejuvenates the body; it is a holy ritual with very antique origins. It is therefore a very deep massage which is able to stimulate the most hidden energies of the body and allows recovering mental serenity and a much better perception of ourselves. The style and the intensity of the massage depend on the need of the person in terms of equilibrium and well-being.

With the ayurvedic massage it is possible to regain gradually contact with the deepest part of ourselves, with our own soul. For this reason the ayurvedic massage is also called "The Massage of the Soul".

For a more accurate practice the treatments are given by using specific ayurvedic preparations while doing the massage, necessary to get the best results.



50 minuti € 70

  • The treatment is given by the practitioner suspending his weight from ropes overhead, and applying pressure with long strokes of the soles of his feet, after the patient’s body has been prepared with specially medicated oil. It is a very powerful treatment; it can relieve serious back problems, and also increase flexibility, stimulate the flow of vital energy in the body, tones the musculature and releases contractures.


80 minutes € 85

  • Energetic massage harmonizing and relaxing the whole body. Works on the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems. Induces to a deep relaxation and psychophysical well-being. Releases the joints, stimulates and detoxifies the organs. Finishes with a steam bath.


full body massage

50 minutes € 60

80 minutes € 85

  • It s a special massage practiced with warm ayurvedic oil which has been prepared with herbs and special spices with the aim of reactivating the altered balance between the doshas and participates in a global way to regain the equilibrium between body/mind/soul. The massage is given by regular and intense movements; it relaxes, improves the circulation, purifies and keeps in good health. It helps to eliminate the toxins and keeps the body young. This massage is started on the head and will be given to the whole body. It finishes with a steam bath.



50 minutes € 60

80 minutes € 85

  • Gentle oil massage to activate the lymphatic circulation and release the lymph nodes allowing the body do eliminate the excess of fluids and toxins. Really recommended in case of sedentary problems, stasis of liquids, accumulation of fat and toxins in the body. With smooth and rhythmic movements from the bottom to the top, the appearance of the skin is improved and the sensation of heaviness and muscle soreness after an intense physical activity is removed. Slow and gentle, this massage reactivates the lymphatic circulation with a positive effect on muscles and tissues and eliminates anxiety and stress.



50 minutes € 60

80 minutes € 85

  • Only in a purified body the harmony and well-being can be revealed. With special massage movements the joints are released, the organs are detoxified conveying the toxins to the natural ways of expulsion closest to the area of their accumulation.


50 minutes € 60

  • Eliminates stress, tensions and gives relief to the back.


80 minutes € 85

  • In the ayurveda practice the marma points are the main places of life force. There are 107 marma points in the body. These points have an influence to our health, mind and spirit. The massage stimulates the organs and immune system giving balance to our mind and body.

Wellness packages


Day 1: Body scrub with massage (50 minutes)
Day 2: Treatment with thermal mud, massage and steam bath (70 minutes)
Day 3: Massage with essential oils (40 minutes)

Price € 190,00


Day 1: Anti stress massage (70 minutes)
Day 2: Face and body massage (50 minutes)
Day 3: Hot Stone massage (70 minutes)

Price € 220,00


Day 1: Body scrub with salt, massage and steam bath (70 minutes)
Day 2: Nettle and seaweed bandages and massage(70 minutes)
Day 3: Nettle and seaweed bandages and massage (70 minutes)

Price € 240,00


Day 1: Alpine massage (70 minutes)
Day 2: Back massage with warm rolls and cups (50 minutes)
Day 3: Detoxifying massage (50 minutes)

Price € 200,00

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