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Infrared Cabin: the best warmth for health

You are sitting in this cabin with your back resting on a grid that sends out infrared rays. These rays will warm your back. The warmth produced is transported through the blood of the whole body with the result of sweating. This treatment helps the blood circulation of the organs, muscles, skin and body tissues in order to stimulate the immune system.


Steam bath Svedana

The main purpose of the Svedana is to make the body sweat and dilate the body’s channels in order to eliminate toxins from the body’s tissues.The application of the warmth also reduces the rigidity and heaviness of the body and tries to eliminate the toxic and refuses materials. With the elimination of toxins the body gains more flexibility and agility.


Turkish bath

The heat relieves various pains.

Wellness packages


Day 1: Body scrub with massage (50 minutes)
Day 2: Treatment with thermal mud, massage and steam bath (70 minutes)
Day 3: Massage with essential oils (40 minutes)

Price € 190,00


Day 1: Anti stress massage (70 minutes)
Day 2: Face and body massage (50 minutes)
Day 3: Hot Stone massage (70 minutes)

Price € 220,00


Day 1: Body scrub with salt, massage and steam bath (70 minutes)
Day 2: Nettle and seaweed bandages and massage(70 minutes)
Day 3: Nettle and seaweed bandages and massage (70 minutes)

Price € 240,00


Day 1: Alpine massage (70 minutes)
Day 2: Back massage with warm rolls and cups (50 minutes)
Day 3: Detoxifying massage (50 minutes)

Price € 200,00

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